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Screenshots of KING GNU Website


Publish a website never down with millions of access in two weeks.

A major problem with artist websites is that lots of visits access when they appear on TV and online news.
To prevent server down, we need to run a website on a high spec server.
It takes a lot of cost. But a website gets down if it enough.

We can make a website that never down with numbers of visitors with the latest technologies.
This website changes the number of servers automatically according to the number of accesses so that the number of accesses does not cause the servers down.

This project was requested in mid-December, and the website was released at the end of December.They performed on New Year's Eve on TV. The program is the biggest one in Japan.
A new website will be important for acquiring new fans, and we have proposed this. (Their previous website downed a lot.)
To deploy in a short period of time, we develop with a lean startup method.

If you have a similar problem, please contact us.
Our team will solve them.

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