Floating Dots
Screenshots of TOP US website

TOP Group

The Top Group is the global change of job agency which has a branch in Japan, Mexico around 5 U.S. bases.

Floating Dots was in charge of all from UX design to implementation on renewing the website.

To support high security and access from all over the world,

We implement it based on Headless CMS and Nuxt.js, and the contents are delivered via CDN.

Moreover, by achieving serverless, we maked lower maintenance cost, we could focus on improving service and updating website.

By becoming a Javascript-based environment, it is also possible to respond to the API of external service.

It is distinguished by cooperation with Airtable which is downloading from the inquiry of the website into the spreadsheet and visualization to the graph.

The improvement in UI / UX increased the inquiry rate by 2.65 times.

It is expected to further increase by strengthening SEO etc.

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